Steve Sheanin
BBQ Hero Rib Master

When I was 11 years old my mother said, “Steve, since you like eating you should learn to cook.” I found that I liked cooking almost as much as I liked eating. I know my way around a kitchen, but my favorite thing to do is barbecue.

Over the years, I mastered charcoal kettles, gas grills, slow smokers, and rotisseries over an open flame. I’ll grill anything—steaks, lamb chops, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Even a whole pig and a goat!

But my dry-rubbed, hickory smoked baby back pork ribs are my favorite. And I am not alone.

Friends who know great food began putting my ribs on their restaurant menus.

At our favorite restaurant near our home in Los Angeles, a diner who tried them called the owner over and said, “These are the best darn ribs I have ever eaten. Even better than the ribs I get in Texas.”

At 75, I began a new career, starting BBQ HERO. I hope you agree that BBQ HERO ribs are the best you’ve ever eaten, too.

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